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Friday, December 14, 2012

Sandy Hook Superman

Huddle together children
Just like I taught
Girls in the center
Boys grasping arms without
I shall stand superman
Hands upon hips
Deflecting the bullets
No screams from my lips

That's the fantasy
To protect like a superhero
But there aren't enough to go around
They can't be everywhere
To leap at every evil sound

I'd clone every hero
So that every child had a guardian angel
A Superman of their very own
To guide their choices
Helping them chose well
And stand between them and danger
When everything goes to hell

Or learn to fly around the earth backwards
That one trick Superman did
To stop the badness before it happens
Grab all the bad things
Keeping them away from kids
An angel minus the wings

One hears the news of today
Causing heroic scene after scene to play out
Only inside the head
Because the body is so far from where it could help
It ends in frustration and tears
Usually in private
Then time to move on

Time to argue on social media
Over how it could have been stopped
Ending in comment gridlock
Impossible to navigate coherently
Without anger or sadness

All we really need
Is the person standing Superman
Bulletproof and wise
Protecting that which we love
No challenge to which he can't rise

Until that fine day comes
I'll be doing what I can
Working gently with my hands
Carving stone lambs for their graves