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Thursday, December 27, 2012

A Living Kama Sutra - pt 3

A quiet bell sounded
All the small talk ceased
Sounds could be heard from inside the box
Whispers and a few soft bumps

The light came on behind the curtain
The lights in the outside room dimmed
The black velvet curtain was framed by the white light
I held my breath
Took one last look at my program

"Red group, session one:
Congress of a Crow"

The curtain parted quietly
Revealing a man and a woman
Standing nude in frozen pose facing the audience
Both were beautiful

For a few seconds they stood there
Audience and performer regarding each other

Then they turned to face one another
And in slow artful movements
Came together in an embrace
Caressing one another gently
Kissing each other quietly with passion

I could see the man's cock getting hard
And I blushed in the dimness
I could feel myself get wet
And decided I wish I'd have worn my panties after all
With a frown I realized I'd leave a spot on my skirt

With a quick side look to see if anyone was looking
I tugged my skirt up in the back
Planting my bare bottom on the vinyl seat

At least I wouldn't have to worry about that

In front of me
The show continued

The man kissed and bit the woman's breasts

The woman reached down and rubbed the man's cock

Going to their knees as one
They moved their upper bodies in opposite arcs
Ending up head to foot with each other
Though more like head to sex
So to speak

The woman took the man's cock in her mouth
Performing several different techniques upon it

I felt myself torn between watching her
And watching him
As he kissed licked and sucked on her pussy

I felt slightly faint
As I watched
Trying to soak it all in
Trying to remember what she did to him
Trying to remember what he did to her

Never having done anything like that myself
Hoping to understand how it all worked
Seeing how beautiful it really was
Subtly craning my neck to try to see more of what was in front of me

All too soon
The lights in the box went out
The black curtain closed
The lights in the room came back up for us

I looked around
Feeling oddly triumphant
Almost giddy with happiness

Most of my group shared my feelings obviously
A few looked a little embarrassed still
One was staring at the floor
Seemingly overwhelmed by it all

I turned to the woman next to me
Who could have been my mother
If my mother was cool
And smiled
She smiled back

I asked her about something I'd seen
And she started telling me about something similar she had done
My mental notebook was going crazy trying to keep up
Images and words flooding my imagination
Her hand grasping mine as we sat and talked about it

Most everyone around us chatting as well

A voice interrupted us briefly

"Please move as a group to your next station
Follow the floor arrows
The next session begins in ten minutes"

I consciously stood up last
And waited until everyone else had just turned their backs

Looking down quickly
I saw the little puddle I'd made on the seat
And giggled at the thought of the next person coming along
But then not feeling so bad
As I saw a few of the other chairs weren't dry anymore either

I caught up to my new friend
And we talked as we walked around the corner to the next station
Discussing the protestors outside the art museum
So insistent that this was pornography

I confessed to her that this was already
A far better education than I'd ever had in health class
She laughed and agreed readily

A quiet bell sounded
Marking one minute till session two

I bit my lip and looked at my program

"Red group, session two:

I sat down
A little less self consciously arranging my skirt this time
And thought to myself
This was by far the best skip day ever