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Saturday, December 29, 2012


Mancunt is everywhere
His existence is rampant
Just hope for an uneventful day
And "POOF" he will be there

Mancunt is sly
He knows how to wait
To stalk his prey
Hovering just out of sight near some bait

What's that?
Hunting over a bait pile is unsportsmanlike?
Mancunt does not care
Certainly not with a freezerful of meat

Mancunt is outspoken
He will disagree with everything you say
Whether he agrees or not
That's just his mode of play

Oh sure, he'll tell you it's for fun
Playing devil's advocate is all sport
But to him it's so much more than a game
Telltaled by the vicious way he goes for blood

Mancunt has a sixth sense
He can tell when you'd rather be left alone
Which is exactly when he'll move in
To tell you all about his day

When you realize all your body language has failed
And you come right out and tell him to fuck off
He'll laugh and punch you in the arm
Offering you one of your own beers

Mancunt is not the ideal date
He will belch at a fancy dinner
Wipe his mouth on his sleeve
If he can even find it under his beard

After eating the most pungent foods imaginable
He will expect you to make out with him
Failing that he'll settle for a blowjob
Then be hurt and angry when you don't beg to suck his knob

Mancunt is a fine example of the species
He'll make a decent taxidermy mount someday
In the museum of awful people
With a lovely little plaque that reads

"Here we see a cunt of a man
May his kind never breed"