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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A Living Kama Sutra - pt 2

Pulling into the museum parking lot
I saw several things

My hair
Blowing in the wind from my rolled down windows
Only minutes before
Was now a fright wig

A line of people waiting to get inside
With all kinds of faces
Some indifferent too cool for school
Others excited
Some bored looking

A small group of protestors
Holding signs and chanting

"No public pornography!"

The signs saying much the same
In several different ways
With many different fonts
Ranging from professional
To looking like a first grader had painted it

I busied myself pulling the hair back into a ponytail
Wiped off my glasses
Put a little lipstick on in the mirror
Smacking my lips softly in appreciation
For how decent I looked today

Damn if I couldn't pass for a college girl

Passing a few minutes listening to music
I watched as the doors opened at eleven sharp
And the line of people started to file in
I shrewdly tried to calculate the distance to the doors
And the time it would take me to walk there

When it seemed right
I hopped out of the car
And walked quickly to the building
My invite in my hot little hands

I gave the protestors the finger on my way by
To which one said

"I'll pray for you sister!"

Rolling my eyes I continued on
Reaching the door just as the last person in front of me went in
I offered my invite to the man in the suit

"Welcome to the Living Kama Sutra...."
He said, and looked down at the paper

"Follow the markings on the floor that are red"
At that he gave me a little red pinback button
"Put that on, and follow the red arrows
You'll find everyone else in your group at the first box
It's five minutes until the first session
Here's your program"

I smiled and pinned the button to my shirt
Walking past him
I felt the teensiest bit aroused
Not by him
But by glancing at my program
And breathlessly following my little red arrows

I found my group sitting in front of a large black box protruding from the wall
The box was about a seven foot cube backed up to the wall
There was a black curtain across the open end facing us
I sat down next to my companions
All mostly looking at their programs
Their watches
Or staring at the curtain

Some were a little pink
With embarrassment
With anticipation
Maybe both

The program stated

"At one minute to the start of a session
A small bell will be heard
Ten seconds before
A light will come on in the box stage
Then the curtain will raise
The performance will last ten minutes
At the end of which
The light will go out
The curtain will close

We ask that you respect our artist performers
And please be quiet
Do not distract them

Your experience as well as theirs
Will be enriched"

I couldn't wait
I felt myself getting flushed
My right hand gripping my skirt tightly