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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Yellow Sticky Note of Unrequited Robotic Love

A yellow sticky note for your thoughts
On this notebook
Or this pin board
Wherever you think best

Rant out your inner demons on a sticky note
It'll pass the time away
For all the good it'll do
But maybe you'll be less angry

Wait until I'm drunk and stick that sticky note
Upon my forehead or chest
Somewhere that I'll find it
When I awake
And not feeling my best

Just make sure you're miles away
As my vision sways
And anger is all I gets
As my circuits boot up
To the commands you gave

Upon that yellow sticky note
Stuck to my rusty chest
That door to my mechanical heart
That you wormed your way into
Until without you I could not start

But now you've pissed me off
And shorted out my human protection board
With my plutonium powerplant good for years
I'll never stop hunting you down

For you rejected me
My robotic love
You said I have no feelings
Which hurt me there
In the place just where
You'd imagine they'd be

In that far off day that I catch up to you
The soft sound of my treads giving me away
In those seconds before I incinerate you
You'll know that it's just me