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Monday, December 10, 2012

He did! He did!

Who put the Christ in Christmas
HE did! He did!

Who put the Car in Cartoons
Well, actually it might have been
Walt Disney, or Hanna Barbara
I don't know

Who put the Christ in Christmas
HE did!  HE did!

Who put the presents under that tree?
Your parents, or Santa, or the Underwear Gnomes
Who can say!

Who put the Holy in that Ghost
HE did!  HE did!

Who's the ghost with the most
I recollect it was Beetlejuice
Spelled Betelgeuse
And if you're a nerd it's Alpha Orionis
For the record the exact quote was
"I'm the ghostest, with the mostest!

Oh who put the Santa in the Clause
HE did!  HE did!

Though to be fair he was born Kris Kringle
Which is a dingle of a name to have
Perhaps Santa Clause was just a name change
Fifty bucks well spent to save his sanity

Who employs the elves
HE did!  HE did!

Still does actually
If 'employ' is the right word to use
They sort of work without a contract
For no visible wages
Not counting room and board
In a remote outpost
From which there is no hope of escape

Who put the New in the Year?
HE did! HE .......

Y'know what?
I'm just going to quit right here