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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

A Living Kama Sutra -pt 1

Today is the day
I'm flushed with excitement as I sneak out after second period
Running crouching and sidestepping
Generally acting like a B movie ninja
And probably an inept one at that

Nobody had seen me as I made my way to my car
Which was strategically parked just out of sight
In the far corner of the parking lot
Where if I drove across the grass to the road
No one in the school would see me go

I hopped in the car
With a most unladylike hitch of my skirt
Which my mom had made me wear

She really pissed me off
So to even the scales
I'd not worn any panties
Just to flip her off

I started the old Rabbit
And checked my purse one last time
Seeing and touching my invitation there
Which I'd gotten by telling only the whitest of lies

"By requesting this invite
You say that you are 18 years old
No minors allowed"

Pfft, so I lied
I'll be eighteen in three months

Slapping the gearshift into first
I momentarily swore at Cindy
Who was supposed to have come with me

I slid the clutch out and quietly pulled away
Across the grass
Onto the road
And onward to the city
Alcona High School growing distant in my mirrors

Fuck this place
I can't wait to move somewhere real

As I drove
I made notations in my head
Of things I wanted to write about
Or mental doodles
Of things I wanted to draw and paint
It always seemed as though
The best ideas came to me
While I was zoning out in the car
My favorite music swirling around me
As I hunkered down in the old bucket seat
Radio turned up to drown out the car sounds