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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Slumming it in the Goo

Sitting here shift after shift
Staring blankly at a screen
Keyboard mocking me
Simple words just too heavy to lift

Transmuting into ooze
Slumping downward
Into the seat and onto the floor
And filling up my own shoes

Staring up at the bottom of the desk
From goo form with eyes I didn't expect
Just floating on top of the liquid
Like a muppet's on top of it's head

I find the pieces of gum I'd left behind
Stuck all around in random areas
I've worked here for ten years
It seems like there'd be more gum down there

I seem to be in a natural low spot of the floor
So this is what I get to look at
At least until the janitor comes in later
And mops me up throwing me out with the trash

I make the most of it and start thinking
About what I'm seeing
From this new perspective of being
The bottoms of the drawers
The aforementioned gum
Some quality control stamps
From some guy in a far off factory
Who may have lied a little about what he saw
Judging from the quality of the welds and fasteners

From all this comes an idea
For the greatest thing I've ever thought
If only I could get it down somehow
But I'm at a loss being a pile of goo with no hands
So I run through the story in my gooey mind
Getting to plot high points and lows
Rolling my eyes around in appreciation for my genius

Until I'm interrupted by a mop to the midsection
It's the janitor come to take me away

I guess that's it then