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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Snake Oil Peddler

A salesman came a knocking
Upon his regular rounds
Selling his wares to all the willing
Bulk boxes of religion priced by the pound

One unit was twenty dollars
Ten gave a discount of one cent
The rebate was strictly ceremonial
As everything was heaven sent

Faith cost an extra 75 cents
And could be added a la carte
Along with some token redemption
Or maybe forgiveness for a start

To be a true believer
A real commitment was required
He's got a special pamphlet
Showing just how you'll be rewired

Don't worry about a thing
Put everything in the churches name
They'll take care of everything
Even if your faith begins to wane

"What's that?
You don't have any money of to speak?"
He packs up his shiny black case
"I'll just check back with you next week"