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Friday, February 22, 2013

Game Show Memoryento

It's silver

If my fingers can't tell me anything else
At least I know that

Kind of slimy
Maybe something alive
Maybe something not

Shouldn't be a codscrabbler
Those have more legs
Kind of shiny nightmares on legs
All three hundred of them

Maybe a shingleshout?
But nobody knows what those look like
The just make one scream
And leave layered bite marks behind

A red stripe
I sense that too

Fat lot of good that does me
The timers almost run down

I'll have to give a guess

"Bob, I think it's a warbled slighthammer, a male"

I looked to Bob Jobby, the show's host, expectantly

The sad failure music clip played in response

"Oh, I'm sorry Mr Fickshnickle, it's actually a rare silver geet!"
He looked almost genuinely sad for me
"But we have several parting gifts for you
Thank you so much for being on our show!"

And that memory is all I have from my brush with fame

That, and this silver can opener