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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Onondaga Two Step

A very special day
Is only ten days away
No I'm not so crass

I speak of the time that I threw up Orange

It was a night like any other
In that it was dark
And there were likely bats about
In that small town I'd went as a lark

There were pitchers and stools
Trivia games for the fools
Pool tables and cues
And round tippy tables amany

That's where I sat most of the night
Except when I was peeing
Watching the big game
And I couldn't believe what I was seeing

The red guys were beating the blue guys
Or maybe it was the other way around
It might have been a football
Or maybe even a football

I have no idea if it came from this or that side of the Atlantic

Pitchers of Hurricanes were the drink of the night
Kind of pinky and orangey
And an eyes for sore sight
As we all drank until things went wobbly

The time to leave was defined
As the moment that I tried to stand up
And took down the whole tippy round table
Pushing down with all my might

Drinks and chips went flying
So it was a good thing I was buying
Or folks would have been truly irate
Rather than just sore

My walk across that small town
Was marked as the legs of a quest
As in: Let's see if we can take ten more steps
Before this guy has to barf in a bin
This guy being me
And no bins in sight
I left a trail of pinky orangey puddles
As we tottered into the night

Then everything goes hazy for awhile
As I was laid down safe and sound on the couch
Or so it did seem
To them that don't know the rest

And it's the second half that's really the best