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Monday, February 4, 2013

Knowing You Knowing Me

Look at you
Showing yourself off
Big shiny brain
Fancy multisyllable words
Worth a triple word score

But that doesn't make me know you
Though your words are oh so pretty

Maybe you'll tell me your life story
In all it's ups and downs glory
Sharing every memory that makes you you
A walking talking autobiography for sure

But that doesn't make me know you
It's just where you've been

I'll read your palm
Follow your life line
Stare into the bottom of your teacup
At the secrets the leaves reveal

But that doesn't make me know you
I don't believe in that stuff anyways

Maybe I'll fight you
Some say that's how to see
The measure of a person
To pull back the veil of secrecy

But that doesn't make me know you
That's just lumps bumps and broken bones

I'll stare into your eyes
If that's what you insist
Acknowledge your souls presence
The fact that it exists

But that doesn't make me know you
How ever could I?

When I don't even know myself