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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Onondaga Two Step pt2: Some Enchanted Naked Evening

It was and is all a hazy blur
Did I do what they said I did?
It's hard for me to know for sure

I vaguely recall sitting at a table
Someone saying something to me
A grunt was my predictable response
Then a warm bed and a flash of skin
Followed by a close up of a cock
Some peeing in a strange shaped toilet
And waking up wishing I was shot

As I opened my eyes on that old couch
I didn't move
First I realized I was stark naked under the blanket
Second I heard voices nearby
It was a couple of my friends
One was talking the other one out of kicking my ass

The night's hazy events had gone something like this:

I got put to bed
Sometime later I felt really hot
And had taken all of my clothes off
Then sat down at the kitchen table
The friend who's house it was
Had walked by and asked if I was alright
Prompting the aforementioned grunt

He carried on to the bathroom
I stood up
And walked into his bedroom
Seeing his bed there
Covers pulled back
I'd hopped in and passed out
At least until he came back
Also naked
With his cock at my eye level
Informing me that I was in the "Wrong bed, dude"

I sat up
Looked at him
Looked over at his naked wife
And very smartly got up and left the room

Sometime later
I'd had to pee
And not finding the bathroom right away
Had flipped up the lid on a dirty clothes hamper
And pissed about as much as a drunk person can
Closed the lid
(probably tried to flush it)
Returned to my couch

Nobody kicked my ass
Though who could have blamed him

I did have to waddle around the house finding my clothes
Holding the blanket around my naked form
As my friends had decided that what I needed was a scavenger hunt

And so the story went around the aviation school:
Fred went out with the guys
Got drunk
Took off all his clothes
Tried to sleep with Harvey's wife
Since he couldn't do that Fred pissed in the clothes hamper

Oh that Fred
He's the one you want to party with!