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Thursday, February 14, 2013

A Valentine For My Wife

Valentine's Day
Is NOT about:

Listening to the ice crack on New Years
The first "I love you"'s
That first sweet awkward kiss
Our first home of logs and picket fence
The dreams that we shared
The three children we made together
All the puppies we loved
Crazy happy days
Days spent loving each other in bed

Neither is it about:

Arguments we've had due to awesome "communication"
Unfinished projects
Being woken up by children when we'd rather sleep in
Being woken up by sneezing belligerent Poodles
Big mistakes
Small mistakes
Broken down cars on special days
Getting older, never younger
Smelly cute rabbits that like to hiss and bite

Valentine's Day is rather about all of those things

And more

And knowing that you'd do it all again
The ups
The downs
The sideways
The diagonallys

If only it was with you Heather

Won't you be my Valentine?