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Saturday, February 23, 2013

If I Had Glass

If I had Glass
I'd wear it on my face
But it's not the kind you think
That would leave my features smashed in flat space

It's the kind you wear like glasses
With lots of electronics near your right ear
A crystal eyepiece in front of your right eye
Don't worry it doesn't look at bad as you'd fear

I imagine it giving me directions from place to place
With small maps sort of hanging in space
Symbols to show you that "You Are Here"
With turn by turn directions just in case

I think I'd have one in black
Because I get everything in that color
I've a friend that says that means something deeper
And yet another that argues that black is a noncolor

I drive a long distance every day
To my job working in aviation
Sometimes amazing sights and sounds pass by my senses
Unrecorded and unremarked much to my aggravation

But if I had Glass I could perhaps capture those moments
Keeping the amazing ones for sharing or keepsaking
Depending on the moment
Depending how I feel about the whole thing

This 'If I Had Glass' contest is some intriguing marketing
My hats off to Google for thinking of such a thing
But even if I won
I'd still have no Glass
Because I'd still have to pony 1500 bucks
And to be frank
I aint got no cash