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Friday, February 1, 2013

Association of the Mind

The id and the ego
The memories in their mire
All packed up their bags
And threw them in the fire

They associated these acquisitions
With the chains of a life not lived
With talents and potential unused
Which cannot be forgived

Leaving them unfettered
Unbound and a bit wrung out
Tent pegs rattling at the end of ropes
Dragging behind as they wandered about

Occasionally sitting down for a game of chess
Using pieces of found objects
The board nothing more than lines in the dust
With little sparkly stones where they intersect

Id faced ego
Happily strategizing
While the memories watched
Alternately cheering and proselytizing

This loose association of associates
Took turns at the game
Endlessly varying the play
Searching for strategies and conventions unsame

Until in a celebration of virtual ovulation
New memories joined the old
Some soft sensitive and loving
Others a brash exploration of bold

Now tired they all return to their bed in the head
Soft carved crevices in their favorite cushions
To plug in
Tune in
And become part of the biological machine again