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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Minky Bear No More

Minky Bear was made of mink
As all deluxe bears are
He was jointed and hump backed
For posing in realistic Teddy Bear poses

Minky Bear had a rabbit skin hat
Not to stay warm
He was made of mink!
Simply to style and profile
Like Minky Bears should

Until one day
Minky Bear's house caught on fire
It was a fire in the flue
Or a sparking faulty wire

What it was doesn't matter
All that does
Is that it's done

Now all of Minky Bear's possessions are turned to ash
Hand me downs
All black lumpy piles
In the outline of a house

Minky Bears fur is burnt in patches
No rabbit skin hat on his head
No styling
No profiling

Minky Bear threw himself down on the side of the road
Who would love him now
With hair partly gone
And no things to have and hold

That's when a little boy found him
Picked up Minky Bear
Marveled at how soft the patches of fur still were
Liked how he looked like a War Bear now

And so Minky Bear took to his new name
War Bear defended pillow forts from GI Joes
Explored the forest strapped to a bicycle
Then slept in a little bed
Next to that little boy
Who loved his patchy soft fur
And didn't care that he had no things anymore