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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Life of Tie

I'm a wide skinny fish bolo bow tie
When I was new
I smelled like a million bucks
And gosh if I didn't look good on you

Then I got pushed to the back of the rack
Thrown in a drawer
To dream my technicolor silk houndstooth dreams
Another victim of a fashionista war

Snuck out by small hands later on
To play dress up
To be a bandana atop an explorer's head
To make someone look just like daddy and all growed up

Recycled and donated
Cut up and truncated
Finding myself part of a tie quilt
Upon an exhibition wall

Oohed and ahed over
Purchased, gifted, passed down never knowing the what or the why
Decorating necks, heads, warming knees
The meaning of this life of tie