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Friday, February 8, 2013

Deep Like the Puddle

I'm deep like a puddle
Oh say can't you see?
Throw a rock at me
It exposes the depths of me

Now with the water washed out
Silty underbelly exposed
A small crater in the middle
Made by that rock that you throwed

All wit gone
Memories as well
I have to admit I'm happier now
A little bored but too dumb to tell

Until a little rain comes along
Filling me back up
Overflowing my little puddle banks
Making me spout big words
To obfuscate and confuse
Accompanied by large hand gestures
Because that's just what you do

So for awhile then
You can look deep inside
Penetrating my depths easily
As it's only a couple inches down
Better you focus on the surface instead
As your reflection is lovely I hear
I'll hold still so it's crystal clear

Being a mirror is what I do best