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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Running Cold Always Hot

Chief Running Cold
Was always cold
He was never hot
Even on the hottest days
He wore his thick wool socks
A hat that covered his ears
A jacket ten layers thick
And pants so stout he could barely walk

Princess Always Hot
Was always hot
She was never cold
Even on the coldest days
She would wear no socks
No hat for her head
The lightest top she could get away with
And never any pants when she could

Chief Running Cold and Princess Always Hot
We're betrothed to be married
The matchmaker was wise
Though they thought it a disaster

Never could they comfortably share a house
For one would be always cold
And the other always hot

But eventually came the day
When they said their vows
He in his ten layers of wool
She in the sheerest of gowns

The matchmaker winked as she locked them in
For that was the tradition
And there they sat
In the grandest honeymoon suite
She sitting on one side of the bed sweating
Him on the other side shivering

Finally they agreed to give tradition a go
And held hands for starters
Her delicate hand upon the soft covers
His hand with mittens off shyly in hers

Just then something wondrous occurred
They each felt perfect
At least in those parts that touched

Where her hand touched his
He felt warmth at last
Where his hand touched hers
She felt cool and complete

Things went merrily from there
With more skin touching skin
And both happier and more comfortable than they'd ever been

Nine months later
The matchmaker/midwife helped deliver their first child
As Chief Running Hot held Princess Always Cold gently where she lay
They named her Little Princess Just Right
Who was just right in every possible way