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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Brown Countdown

Waiting on the brown truck
For the man in brown to step out
With a brown box
Just for me

I don't even remember what it is
And I ordered it only a week ago
All I know is that I got a message
Saying that today's delivery is a go

It might be something useful
Or it may be something not
Could be something decorative
But probably something not

I wish it was a Fisher Space Pen
But I know I didn't order one of those
I keep on meaning to
So I can write while hanging from my toes

Perhaps a part for my car
But that's a funny thought
Duct tape is the only thing that car gets
At least the only thing I bought

Perhaps a bit of electronic skulduggery
To flash and beep and sing
Oh where is that brown truck at?
I can't wait to see what it may bring