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Monday, July 22, 2013

Watery Orders

Peering into the darkness
Like serious sons of guns
Our bladders all the madder
For the volumes of water we'd not shunned

Guzzling our fill in the gaslight
Bellys swelling with fright
Stretchy sloshy balloons of water
On little legs squishing through the night

This forced march of hares
Raised the ire of Captain Ivan
Who slashed through red tape to review
The amount of our daily stipend

Finding it too small
He inflated us all
With voluminous amounts of water
The aforementioned stretchy sloshy balls marching the halls of our fathers

"Onward and onward!"
He cursed us in Russian so Russian it sounded like Klingon
Making our little legs move faster it's true
But our steps much shorter
For there is only so much we can do

Until the end was in sight and though there was much fright
Captain Ivan whipped us into a frenze frothy cream
Marching orders cut just so across our bellys like razors
Causing seepage and leakage in the extreme

Cascading down steep stairs
Into a rocky chasm in pairs
Went the double cannon column of water with us side by side
Making a wet waterslide across the divide

Drowning the cruel Captain underwater