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Saturday, July 13, 2013


I suspect a suspicion
And it might be nothing
Or I might not be crazy
And it's certainly something

This tinfoil hat
Just isn't getting reception
No matter how I bend it or twist it
It's not altering my perception

Dug deep into my bunker
Swimming in curds and whey
A morass of conspiracy
Surrounds me every day

I see plans within plans
A fractal mass of facts
All conspiring together
In many unpatriotic acts

I saw something
So I said something
And was labeled a crank for my trouble
So now I'm waiting for the poo to hit the fan
Before I call the Man to come on the double

Perhaps then it will be too late
But until that time does come
I have all my hallucinations and visions
To entertain me some

Along with a hand cramping collection of notes
In neatly numbered notebooks filled carefully with my many quotes
So even if I am unsuccessful at stopping the alien invasion
There will be records of all the where and when

If you come over don't forget the code
It's a simple saying of "Joe Sent Me"
Sung in harmony to track four of Abbey Road

I'm perfectly safe
As long as you've brought cake