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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Earth -52.5 TVS1

Earth -52.5 seemingly hung in empty space
Blinking marker lights at even intervals around her spherical hull
Various ports, intakes and exhaust manifolds dotting the man-made planetoid
While deep inside
Reaction engines constantly converted matter to energy
To be routed to the intermittently firing course correction engines on the hull
Spewing invisible force
A constant push-pull-grab to maintain proper alignment with a phantom planet

Orbiting Earth -52.5
Thousands of small satellites buzzed about at different relative altitudes
Some in standard looking orbits of regular interval
Others in curious hunting seeking patterns
Seemingly random in their slight movements

Inside the fourth layer rotating hull of Earth -52.5
A control room was a constant buzz of activity
Something of a mish mash combination area
With all the attributes of a space ship's command bridge
With the addition of a audio video production studio
And a astronomical research laboratory thrown in for good measure

The command bridge worked with the astronomers and their equipment
Constantly updating and verifying their location and relative speed
While the A/V staff were collecting data that poured in from the satellites
Images of landscapes and cities
People and animals
Everyday activity
A comprehensive on-running documentary of a planet

But there was no apparent planet for all the satellites to be observing
Their sensors not focused upon the present at all

They peered into the past
52.5 years into the past to be exact
Providing overview of Earth's history in real time
Following individual people or events of interest as needed

This station, Earth -52.5
Was but one of many scattered in the wake of the real Earth
Which still occupied it's real time and place in space

With all of the Time Viewer Stations at specific places along the Earth's past path
Following an invisible orbit around an invisible Sol
Progressing slowly in real time
Maintaining a specified distance in the past path of their home-world

Signals from these stations beamed their signals via relativistically independent transmissions
The inventive discovery of Dr. Horace Wain almost three hundred years previous
To a waiting Earth Prime
That was always hungry for images, sound and data from her past

Though none newer than 52.5 years ago
Enforced by system treaty
For political reasons

Earth -52.5 maintained her relative position in the galactic disk
Mimicking Earth Prime through space
Upon it's delayed path
Full of a crew who has learned to live in that same past
As that is the only reality they are regularly presented with