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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Four Trucks

Red truck
Brown truck
Blue truck
Rust truck

Over roads and up trails
Goes this procession of trucks
One filled with nails
The next with tiny snails
Another with billowy sails
The last with medium sized whales

Where could this line of vehicles be going?
I think you should follow and see
And soon it becomes clear
That the final destination is the sea

The red truck dumps it's nails
To put in the boards of the boat that needs mending
The Brown truck unfolds the sails
Hanging upon the mended mast until it is bending
The blue truck slides the many snails along to the rocks
While the rust truck deposits the whales in the water by the docks

Now red, brown, blue and rust trucks all sit in a line
Watching a white boat set sail
As snails frolick about
In the froth kicked up by a whale's tail
Sun slowly setting in it's own time