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Thursday, July 11, 2013

ELS 14 - Idle Hands

“Well, now what?”
Kazia asked herself
Sitting down heavily on the front steps to the building
Her heavy bag with most of everything she owned in it next to her

Charles hadn’t been home

She was certain she had the right place
Because true to his meticulous nature
His name had even been on the door

A kind lady a few doors down from his had told her she had seen him a few hours before
That he had been on his way out

Kazia looked around her as the hard stone step flattened her butt
And decided that this was no way to spend her first day here

Going back upstairs
She arranged with the woman she had spoken with before to watch her bag
There was nothing in the bag that couldn’t be replaced easily anyways

Now, unencumbered by the weight of things
The city awaited her review

Kazia wandered down the sidewalk in a likely direction
Taking in the sights smells and sounds

Buying lunch from a shopkeep
Who, for a small fee, converted one of her silver coins into local currency
She then went looking for something to pass the time
Watching a street performer play music for a while before moving on again

After walking for the better part of an hour
Kazia found herself standing below, and looking up at, a large marquee
Upon which was plastered a huge nun in black habit
Who seemed to be tearing apart a cage

There wasn’t a line
But there were still people going in
And with every opening of the door to let them in
She heard the cheers and roar of the crowd

It piqued her interest

She bought a ticket and went in
Stopping at the concession for a large beer
Which she drank without even leaving the counter

Another beer found it’s way into her hand
This time from an almost handsome man who had sidled up to her
He was staring at her breasts
Which strained most of her shirts on the best of days
And today had done everyone the favor of both popping a button and being covered in a fine sheen of sweat

She thanked him with her heavily accented voice
Drawing even more interest from him

Which wasn’t really what she wanted
So she made her left boot heel find his right big toe in a painful and almost plausibly accidental way
Before she made her way off with her second beer
And a big smile on her face

Men are the same all over
She thought to herself as she climbed the set of steps up into the auditorium

The sound of the crowd deafened her as she passed through the doors
Everyone’s attention focused upon the center ring lit up in spotlights
A wire mesh cage was around the ring with an open top
Inside two black clad figures were wrestling around together
With one of them screaming loudly and jumping to it’s feet

Blood suddenly appeared on the floor of the ring
And Kazia Tamm saw something that made her drop her second beer

Charles’ face
Looking straight in her direction into the spotlight
Covered in smeared face paint
But definitely him

Being held in submission by a Short Fat Man dressed as a Nun

Her feet were running down the aisle seemingly before she even commanded them