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Wednesday, July 17, 2013


The days they get shorter
Long before they get colder
Shimmering in their summer glory
With red blurry orb rising
A little later each day in the East

The rabbits in their hutch
Hunker down in the furry heat
With three tins of water and food all around
Too many choices of what to eat

Puppies hide in the air conditioning
Along with their humans
Sprawled out on the furniture
Not even panting
Surrounded by artificial comfort
Brought on by electricity and heat exchange
Though certainly about the manner they could care less

Frogs and chipmunks scurry through the cracks
In the corners of the garage door
The second busy making winter nests where they shouldn't
The first hunkering in the corners flat upon the cool concrete floor

There is seemingly no end to these days
Though time keeps marching on
Marked by the numerous clocks all around
And the walk across the sky by the sweltering sun

Setting in the humid haze
Said sun colors outside the lines
With reds oranges and unnamed hues
Sliding further down the horizon
Chased along by the speckled blacks and blues

Forever for my kids
Just a blink in another year for me
The sand and heat will pass as usual
Followed by the leaves and winter blues
Until the cycle repeats again unending
Taking all of mother nature's cues