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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Endless Treat Feast

There is a place where the tall tales grow
They're fat in the sunshine
Skinny in the rain
Waiting to grow when the sun shines again

The dog treats were taller than me
In traditional shapes if not sizes
Towering over my head
Dog coming over before he even realizes

Dog's eyes got round as round plates upon the sea
Floating to China from whence they came
He approached with dog sized expectations
So was rewarded with much the same

Each oversized dog treat cracked open right at the middle
Vomiting out dozens of smaller versions of itself
Making for piles of just right sized treats for Dog
Who went frantically from pile to sampling pile simply beside himself

And so the giant dog treats marched
Slowly around the white picket fenced in yard just outside the property line
Puking up many more small sized treats than they had in realistic volume
Causing me to scratch my head in bewilderment
Looking from treat monstrosities to Dog and back once again
And only realizing when Dog stood upon hind legs and began reciting the digits of pi
That this was yet another version of a dream that I have now and then
And that the greatest of sins I could make right now would be to ask why

Dog ate impossible amounts and did not doggy burst his fur
I laughed and trimmed hedges in a clacking trimmer blur
The postman came up the walk and we all turned upon him our lips pulled back
Grr, grr, grr