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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Self Titled Wishfullness

Beware the man who calls himself funny
For he will turn out not as funny as he thought
Same for one who dubs himself honest
His lies will soon be caught

Self ascribed attributes should be approached with care
A grain of salt tossed high up in the air
Both for the one who speaks them
And the one who hears

"I'm such a loving husband"
Quoth the man who claims to avoid all marital strife
Oh really my friend?
Is that why I stopped by and caught you beating your wife?

People are walking contradictions it's true
Few are the exception to the rule
And those that claim to be as they insist
Are often the exact ones who are proven the fool

It seems so cynical to say
But the funny ones aren't as funny as they think
Or the dirty, creative, original, happy or sad

If it's a self dubbed title
Then it's often just something they wish that they were