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Friday, July 19, 2013

Unrunning Refrigerator

I look inside you
And find you lukewarm and gross
Full of half opened things
Leftovers covered up and full of green mold

Your insides are not as they should be
Your compressor doesn't run
With the solenoids clicking
But no chilling
No freezing
No fun

The ice cream turned to soup
The meat into raw red mush
Grocery money thrown away
With you throwing a broken tantrum
As all fridges eventually must

Now you've been replaced
By a shiny new model
With bells and whistles galore
Though you don't know it yet
As you sit there full of spoilt gore

This time next week you'll be dragged away
By two handsome strapping men
Replaced by something that works
Never to see us again

What I'm saying is goodbye and good riddance
Though your only sin was years of constant service
With the inevitable breakdown at the end 
It's all the thanks you can expect in this too cold or too warm world

Thou foul cooling product
Whose very busted presence doth now offend