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Monday, July 15, 2013

Burying The Poodle

I thought the Poodle was dead this morning
Laying on the big comfy chair
As has been his wont now that he is old and in the way

He didn't wake up and start sneezing for me to let him out with my alarm
Which is what he normally does
So I had to walk over and wake him up

I sat on the ottoman and put a hand on his side
I couldn't tell if he was breathing
He felt chilled
So I panicked and prodded him while saying his name
Thinking all the while that I'd have to call in sick to work
Over burying the Poodle today

His big poodle head shot up and he sneezed on me
Then looked at me oddly
Like I was crazy

But that's how he usually looks at me

He got up and walked his half shorn self to the door
All the while looking like a dog wearing tall fuzzy boots
Because that's what a poodle looks like when you only shave his top half

He gets little lumps on his body these days
His cataracts move around
Making for both high and low visibility days for him

Today seemed to be a good day
As he tore around the yard in a morning Poodle frenzy
No hint of age in his old bones

But the day will come all too soon when he won't wake up
No matter how much I prod him or call his name
As happens for all old Poodles

And on that day
I will call in sick to work

To bury him