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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

That Hairy Canadian

That Hairy Canadian
Chased me all over town
I couldn't tell what he wanted
With his bushy all over hair so brown
Waving in the air like a Yeti Bob Ross
All I knew was that he was quite cross

Up one alley and down another
This went on all morning
I thought quickly
At which time
If you need me I'll be next door in the saloon

Criss-crossing town
Yelling back and forth at each other
"What do you want!?"
I'd scream one way
Only to hear him respond
"Mmmrph mnpth mnnooth!!!"
Which must have meant something
Though what, I really couldn't say

In sunny downtown Saskatoon
Until as luck would have it
I ducked into a barber shop
Right next to the saloon

Grabbing scissors in one hand
And the barber's cape in the other
I tackled that hairy Canadian
Wrapping him up in the cape
Trimming the hair on his face
Snips of hair flying all over the place
Until I could make out some semblance of a face

I heard him spout an old old line
"Have you heard about our lord and savior Jesus Christ?"