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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Rags In Bags

My once favorite shirt
Is now frayed and rent
The armpits are blown out
The rest thin like a nylon tent

There wouldn't be any water needed
To see my nipples if I wore it
Though that didn't stop me from doing it
It was that stray nail head that tore it

Now it's going into the bag
Along with my worn out socks
Heels gaping open
Into the bag and into the box!

Underwear lurk in there too
Elastic stretched out
Seams in the crotch torn
And some irredeemable stains of poo

Regardless of what they are or where they hailed from
They are in the rag bag now
Destined to end up in the garage rag hamper
Cleaning off dipsticks or mopping up spills
Cast aside from their first glamorous purpose
Recycled and reused
But these rags in bags will end up on the burn pile someday
Bellowing black smoke to mark their passing
Much like me and you