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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Negative Image

Everything is upside down and inside out
North is South
Up is down
Black is White
It's the world as I know it
Just seen upon silver colloidal negative film

So I sip my cup of coffee
Sitting upon my favorite chair
Which is firmly planted upon the ceiling
And I lean my head back
So I can gaze at the blue carpeting
With the divots still fresh in it's surface
From when the furniture was where it was supposed to be

The coffee tastes sweet
So I add some sugar
As I enjoy the bitters

I'd contemplate going outside
But I know I'd just fly away into space
Being repelled by the Earth's gravitational push

So I reflect upon the topsy turvy world I've found myself clinging to instead
Where love has turned to hate
Hate has turned to love
Life has turned to death

Though oddly enough
Life is still as capricious a creature as it ever was
Though it is easier to get rid of the bodies now