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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Nuclear Matriarch Reasons

The rag on my desk is dirty and grey
With one side a printed pink polka dot pattern
Happy to be as it is right where it lay
Though the grimy part wants to get it on with me
And creeps every closer when it thinks I'm not looking
Eager to rub itself on my  hands
In a misnamed attempt to keep me clean

I should really throw it away
As it has been here for weeks
But I keep finding reasons to keep it
What with my computer's various leaks

It's an experimental Hewlitt Packard
Powered by plutonium
Cooled with an exotic mercury mix
Certain to poison anyone who touches it

Don't ask me why I have that either
It seems a dangerous contraption to keep around
Especially seeing as how it is the slowest computer I've found

But it is pretty sexy looking
In it's custom milled magnesium case
With holes in the front grill
That remind me of mother's face

Oh but that must be it
And it is just as Freud always said
That every single problem
Comes back around to Mom in the end

Though that doesn't explain the worn out dirty rag I keep around