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Monday, January 20, 2014

Select Copy Paste

Our mash-up culture's go to procedure
To contrive and create
To tread water and stay in one place

Where are the creators?
Were there ever really any at all?
Perhaps all these words and symbols
Sounds cymbals and jingles
Images pixels bits and bytes
Evolved on their own with no outside intervention
And we can now just dip our greedy ladle into the vat
Where it all lives in a soupy syrupy mix

Just a dollop of this flavor and that
And a creation is conceived
Slapped up on MyFacePlus
To resounding boos and cheers
The sounds of trolls L-O-L-ing
And the echo chamber telling us we are a genius

Nothing is original
You just might be the lucky bloke who thought to select copy & paste it down