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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Chance of a Super-Ego

My pants are better'n yours
They've got pockets for days
With flaps that grab the handles of doors
Spilling the contents as they tear in endless ways

My chance is better'n yours
When I draw from the deck
I usually get out of jail for free
Nobody plays Monopoly better'n me

My sycophants are better'n yours
They do most anything if they must
But once they get what they want
Leaving me gasping at their betrayal in the dust

My ants are better'n yours
Their mounds are much bigger
Their tunnels much prettier
As they spread out and aerate the lawn

Pants being the pantsiest
Chance rather the chanciest
Sycophants the sycophantiest
Ants super antsiest

Though perhaps it's just my ego
That's bigger'n better'n yours