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Tuesday, January 14, 2014


The dirty SUV driving in front of me
Is kicking up a dirty spray of ice melt water
That my windshield wipers can scarcely keep up with
In their tattered greasy condition

Suddenly an orange spark arced out of the driver's window
Blossoming into a small hot spurt
Marking each time the cigarette butt bounced on the road
While I played my traditional game
Of trying to run over the smoldering thing with one of my tires
Thus drowning out the spark in the darkness
Before it can give life to anything else

This spark of interest
This spark of lies
This spark sputtering out
No matter how hard it tries

If the spark had wishes
It would only use one
That it could start a blaze
To send shadows on the run

Whether real shadows in the dark corners
Or ones that shade the soul
The ones that sow fear and doubt
Making us feel wholly unwhole

Optimistic spark in the dark
I salute your intent
Though my wet rolling tires
Leave you squashed cold and spent