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Thursday, January 2, 2014

9th Day of Christmas

Nine ladies dancing dominated my field of view
From halfway up the wall of the performance cylinder
I was roughly twenty feet from the stage floor
In a box seat balcony carved out of Lunar rock
Which left me right about at the peak of the dancer's leaps and pirouettes

The Luna City Performance Arts Council had put on a fine show so far
In their annual interpretation of the Twelve Days Of Christmas
By artistically presenting each of the day's gifts from the song

Today's was sort of the least inspired piece though
With it's literal presentation of Nine Ladies Dancing

Their nudity an unexceptional addition to the traditional image
With it being so common in the public areas of the city tubes

With a final glance at one of the performers
As she arced beautifully near me in the 1/6th gravity
Her large breasts floating almost weightlessly on her chest
Before lightly returning to the stage floor
I got up and exited into the corridor that encircled the area behind the balconies
And found a stairway to the lower level

I've often found that more enjoyment can be found from the cheap seats
Where people are less jaded in their perceptions

And just in saying that
I realize that I'm part of the problem

I came out of the lower archway into the number eight quadrant of the floor seating
And found an empty seat a few rows back from the stage
Where I quietly sat down

It was then that I saw one of the most beautiful sights of my life

Looking up at the soaring nine ladies dancing
The transparent ceiling of the cylinder was their backdrop
With stars winking in the blackness
And a bit of the Earth looking down from the edge of the vista

I was transfixed as the dancers transitioned from the stage to the air
Seemingly directly over my head
Dancing amongst the stars and planets
The nine ethereal ladies
On this ninth day of Christmas