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Sunday, January 26, 2014

A Nude Page and The Unwanted Font

There doesn't always have to be words
Filling every nook and cranny
Of every pressed papyrus page
God's image writ in ink
With ten thousand words upon cellulose pulp
Baked in the heat of the fire of a thousand unwanted puppies

Instead let the blank page confront and confound you
Daring you to make a mark with indelible ink
Dripping from your pen as blood from an open wound
Unable to be staunched until consumed
By the greedy empty plains
Contained between the fabric bound covers
Of your obstinately barren book

One word is all it takes to get started
Then another will follow
Which will then require certain others
To adhere to accepted practices
And before you know it you have a sentence
Inevitably leading to paragraphs
Only to evolve into a chapter

But now you've gone and spoiled it
Filling the pages with words as you'd been warned
Wrecking the blank movie screen canvas
Upon which my dreams had been formed