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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Plan of The Poodle

Water is all he can think about
Where is the water
Must get to the water
Nothing else matters

There's the water dish
Filled to the top
Shared with other dogs
But not good enough for this craving

The toilet
Just around the corner
And just the right amount of stinky
Is just what this Poodle needs

Diving head first into the bowl
He drinks like he may die
Not stopping for anything
Not for any "No! Bad dog!" scoldings

Not for nothing

Belly full and sloshing
Poodle finally finishes his drink
He sloshes his way back from the bathroom
Stopping for a minute to vomit up most of the water

Making a slimy wet slick puddle on the floor
Camouflaged from sight
Unless seen from just the right angle

Sniffing the oozy liquid
The Poodle is satisfied somehow
And takes a few more steps towards the food bowl
Sitting his hind end down like a good boy
Then sliding his front legs out slowly in front of him
Until he is flat on his belly

Laying his chin on his paws
Poodle stares at the food bowl obsessively
Growling halfheartedly at the other two small dogs if they dare to eat
But not really giving a crap

Waiting patiently for the main floor show
When the inevitable human passes by
Stepping into his cold slime puddle nearby
And comically falling down right in it

Poodle giggles just at the thought
And can't wait