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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Jabbering Jabberwocky

Jabber Jabberwocky
Tell me a tale
Of knights and princesses
Riding in a vale

Or better still
The tale of a mill
And the grist that it grinds
High upon the hill

Jabbering Jabberwocky
Stolen from another tale
Imaginary creature of another color
All teeth and staring eyes with forked tail

Tell me the story of me as you see
Pull no punches and embellish no lines
I'll pay you what I think that it is worth
No cheats and no whines

If in your madness you see in me a monster
Tell me that tale as you see it
For the truth will be in the telling
Though you speak faster than I can key it

"This is the story of a man"
It began
But then I lost track as the magic took part
Spinning and winning from every angle

A mad shadowed yarn of me