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Thursday, June 20, 2013

ELS 1 - Defeat Nun For $1,000 Prize!

"Defeat Nun For $1,000 Prize!"

A hastily plastered poster proclaimed
Slightly askew
As if whomever had hung it
Had only a notional idea of a level horizon
Or maybe was afflicted with an inner ear infection

I could sure use the money
But the whole 'Nun' part had me concerned

Really?  A Nun?

The picture on the poster certainly supported the premise
Featuring a grotesquely featured woman in traditional black and white nun habit
Her body exploding out of a cage
Black habit flowing behind her in a simulation of motion
Hands curled into claws
One of which held a flaming crucifix
As if she was planning on stabbing someone
The other hand pointing right at me

In smaller print below the picture was an additional detail:

"$25 Awarded Just For Stepping Into The Ring!"

Well, it seemed I couldn't lose
So without any further wasted time
I made for the nearest subway entrance

The event was in two hours
I'd better get my name into the hat to battle this Nun of theirs