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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Shower Pisser

I pee in the shower
The mighty shower urinator am I!

Though there is a stool set right in the floor
Only one step from the shower
And four steps from the door
I'll never use it as I step past the curtain

For I prefer to exercise my pee pee shower power!

Water swirling all around me
As I release my muscles and let go
Whether mostly clear or bright yellow
Once started there is no stopping that flow

If a cold shower
My feet would suddenly feel warm
Much like the water in a cool pool
As all the toddlers swarm

With the shower head on "throb"
It's like a happy ending move
At the end of a cheap massage
At those shifty places that truckers get their groove

You should thank me really
It's an example of everyday multitasking
Saving water from flushing every day
Just using the facilities in an alternate way

Once it's all down the drain
In the same damn place the toilet water goes I might add
Along with all the soap and dirt from everywhere else on me
It's like it never happened
As an event held in Las Vegas

What happens in the shower
Stays in the shower