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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Metal Maiden Fair

She is the body metallic
Sculpted from an aluminum age
Untouched by binary thought and intuition
She is an organic idea hammered bent and lathed

An aerodynamic algorithm in motion
A mix of thrust speed and lift
Three axis of control and influence
Courtesy of Trailing edges that shift

From far away her angles look severe
Cutting quickly through the atmosphere
But up close her curves are quite comely
And closer still her flaws a bit homely

It all amounts to beauty in motion
Whether form followed function
Or function was trumped by form
The designer and engineer acted as one

Graphic arc set down in ink
Carried to the craftsman's table
Laid out in one to one scale
Plans followed as close as able

All a blur of build and awe
Each new piece building upon the last
The most amazing machine ever saw
From the first scribe line to the final cast

In the blink of millennial time she takes flight
Christened with a new name and a pretty face
Air stroking airframe with soft fingered hands
Bare baby skin covered in satin and lace

Carry me where,  O metal maiden fair?

Why as far we dare to see my love!

As far as we dare to dream