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Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Great Easter Rave of Jerusalem

The tags started appearing Friday morning
Painted on the wall of the temple
Randomly splashed on buildings all around the city

"Joe's garden - sundown"

Not everyone knew what it meant
But some did

And after the clouds gathered
For the last living breath of Jesus
After he was taken down
Put into the burial mound
With it's rock solidly rolled before the door

Sun setting over the olive trees
People set out by twos and threes
Some lugging boxes
A few with wagons laden with covered goods
All to meet outside the tomb in the garden

Later that evening
After the sun set
A strange beat was heard over the city


Powerful and rhythmic
Even shaking Pilate's wine cup next to his bed


In the pretty garden oasis
All around the tomb of Jesus
The apostles and believers from the city
Who had seen the tags and followed their feet
All gyrated and bounced
Dropping acid and popping pills to the beat


Laser lights and strobes called out
In all their light energy
Neon wands and necklaces were passed out
Adding to the flurry of activity
Making this a time for the ages
The Great Rave of Jerusalem

It kept right on going
With DJ following DJ
The swap happening without a drop in pace

Sometimes people slept
Other times they ate
Occasionally they'd fuck
A celebration of life and each other
Awe writ large on every face

After it felt like this just couldn't go on any longer
And the Sunday sun began to rise
A miracle did occur
And right along with it
Came Jesus to amaze and surprise

Rising up right out of the tomb
In the middle of a breakdown
The DJ on duty handed it off
Without skipping a beat
And Jesus picked it up
Standing in a spotlight
Surrounded by turntables and laptops

Letting his platform rise until it hit the stops
Jesus put his hands up
And let his words drop

"These beats are for my freaks!"

As he spoke he sprouted more arms
One for every keyboard and turntable
That surrounded him in a circle
Gyrating his hips to the beat
His halo at a jaunty angle

Jesus rocked the house just like the son of god
Durga-ing the music in multi limbed fury


"This is The Great Easter Rave of Jerusalem
And it's just getting started!

The crowd responded with a roar of approval
Hands up in he air
Moving their bodies to the Jesus beat
Like they just don't care


(Happy Easter!)