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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Good Friday Been Good To Me

Sun setting and my hand in yours
Good Friday been good to me
Since that year so long ago
That I spent out at sea

Chasing the sea turtle
Watching them mate
Tracking migrations
Some early some late

Upon the decks of the sloop Shell Maiden
I watched every sunset
Wearing grooves in the wood
Observing and taking notes
Doing science as science should

After a year had gone by
And I'd visited many beaches
Covered nautical miles by the gross
I turned in my work and rested
Thinking that I may have learned the most

Of myself a ship and the sea
All individual vessels
Holding various things both within and without
Some things unneeded
Others precious indeed

And on that Good Friday
The day I returned from the sea
I found the puzzle piece
That finally completed me

The day that I met you my love
Made that day a Good Friday
And on every Friday since
I can reflect on how Good Friday been good to me