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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Of Aspirations, Itches, Lost Things & Pee Dreams

I strive to be a builder in my dreams
To take sticks and mud
Or steel and stone
In the making of something grand

Or something not

Maybe just something useful
That gets touched every day
But always subtle and never noted
Sturdy and needed in every way

Instead I pick at scabs
That itch until they drive me mad
Which can't be scratched enough
Never paying off like a deadbeat dad

Or I look for things I'll never find
Always just out of sight
Perhaps around the next corner
Trying with all of my might

People get lost and looked for too
Though I seldom know the who
Just that they are lost and need finding
The fact that I'll never succeed neverminding

The pee dreams are the worst
Having to pee but not able
No matter how I pose and swear
The water never comes

This means of course
That I have to wake up
Or I'll wet the bed
There is no veiled meaning here

As for the others it's always a mystery
With the itch that won't be satisfied
And the things and anonymous people
Who refuse to let themselves be found