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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Great Chief Messypants

I really should remember her name

The three of us were in my best friend Jeff's tent
Out on his lawn under the oak trees
Jeff, this girl, and me

Jeff's dog was running amuck in the yard as usual
He was a beautiful Husky brand dog
With those ice blue eyes typical of the breed

Jeff and I were both about eight years old
I don't know how old the girl was
Maybe she was supposed to be babysitting us
Who knows after all these years

What was important
Was that she was scaring the crap out of us

"I can feel it coming
It's almost here"
She intoned to us
Giving us a look

As if on cue
The wind began blowing
The twilight sky darkening quickly
Jeff and I looked at each other
Rethinking the wisdom of a tent sleepover

She looked out the tent flap
Her long brown hair whipping in the wind

"I see him!"
She cried
"Call your dog in here
He will be taken if he stays out there"

One of us asked her who was out there
Who did she see?

She turned wild eyes upon us
"It's the Great Chief Messypants!"

I know
It takes some of the punch out when I can't remember the actual name she used for the Great Chief

Jeff was just outside the tent by then
Frantically collecting his rowdy dog

When they finally tumbled inside
I asked him if he had seen anything

He said he didn't know

I asked if I could look

Our resident girl fixed me in her gaze

"As long as you don't look directly at him
Otherwise he will capture your spirit!"

She had put her face about two inches from mine as she said those last words

Needless to say
I about peed myself

Completely terrified
I slowly looked outside
There were leaves blowing around
And out if the corner of my eye
I thought I saw someone

I pulled my head back inside
And joined Jeff next to his dog

"You two are wise to stay close to (whatever the dogs name)"

She stood on her knees as dignified as she could in the little tent

"He will protect you from Great Chief Messypants!"

With that
She left us alone in the tent
Terrified that some crazy old Indian Chief spirit was going to steal our spirits in the night

I remember we slept
With dog between us

Every time the dog moved
We tried to hold our spirits a little tighter

Well, at least I did

And I still can't remember her name
Or even if she was real