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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Cancer, My Friend, My Lover, Me

Oh cancer
Thou art my only friend

You bonded with me
More quickly than most
Showing that despite the reviews
I am in fact a hospitable host

Tucking up in the most forbidding of nooks and crannies
Spreading exponentially throughout
Loving me as much as any old rocking chair granny
Whispering that you love me even when told to get out

You lay with me every night
More intimate than sex
Inside and all around me
Loving me far more than my ex

When others decided what was best for me
And removed some vital organs
In a desperate attempt to rid me of thee
You simply popped up in some other place
Filling and feeding on the void as roots from a mighty tree

It's gotten so I send you birthday cards
To commemorate the day you became real
And though you never respond
You occasionally tweak my pain centers
Spinning my head as the brain reels

I can't tell where you let off and I pick up anymore
If I touch myself am I touching you or me?
You may have even picked the lock upon my soul
As surely and deftly as if you'd had a key

Oh cancer; as we slowly become one
And know that I will never mend
You are the best friend I could ever have
Here at the bitter end